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This is a place for: learners of Gujarati and teachers of Gujarati

Teachers of Gujarati

For teachers of Gujarati, wherever in the world they are, our aim is to bring you together to share your knowledge and expertise. This site aims to bring together as many resources and people as possible to provide a rich teaching knowledge base. So please get in touch with the us at [email protected] to start sharing your knowledge.

અમારુંગુજરાતીની એક જ નેમ છે- વિશ્વના દરેક ગુજરાતી શિક્ષકોને એકત્રિત કરીને ભાષા પ્રચારને વેગ આપવો.

To get more details we would like to request you to visit http://amarugujarati.org//

You can also contact Mr. Upendra Dave for more details.

His email Id is [email protected]

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