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1. How can I download GujaratiLexicon Digital Dictionary and Spell Checker?

You can download it from our Download Section. You can also download Gujarati Unicode Fonts.

Download GujaratiLexicon

If you are facing any difficulties in downloading, Please email us to: [email protected].2. I am looking for particular word, but it is not found in GujaratiLexicon website.

You can try with options given in Search Options drop-down box, ‘Word Like’, ‘Any Word of Phrase Like’, ‘Exact Phrase Like’ or Word like similar Phrase depending upon your search requirements.

Search Options

If you are searching for word in Gujarati to Gujarati dictionary, same word can be found in Gujarati to English dictionary for your reference using ‘Search in other dictionaries’ link below search result.

Search In Other Dictionaries

You can also use Suggest button in Dictionary/Opposite Words/Thesaurus/Idioms/Proverbs to send your valuable suggestions for our database. Our experts will review it and will glad to add to our database.

3. How can I write Half Word (halant) in Gujarati?
To write Half Word, following demo will show you how to write different type of words.

Click on the following links to see the demos:

Example 1. શાશ્વત

Example 2. વર્ણ

Example 3. વિસ્થાપિત

4. Can I use GujaratiLexicon for translation?

As of now, we don’t provide any translation facility, but one can use English to Gujarati and Gujarati to English Dictionary and other facility to do word to word translation.

You can refer GujaratiLexicon and enrich your language knowledge and use it in manual translations.

5. What is Unicode Fonts?

Unicode = Universal Code

Unicode Font defines unique number for every character. Characters type using Unicode font is displayed as it is entered no matter what the platform, no matter what the program.

Examples of Gujarati Unicode fonts are Aakar, Rekha, Shruti, Padmaa and Arial Unicode MS.

If you create any document using any of the Unicode Fonts, share it with other person, document will be viewable as it is.

For detailed information, visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicode and http://www.unicode.org

6. How Unicode helps us?

Unicode makes life easy. If you are using Unicode fonts to write your texts then your document can be read from any system regardless any Operating Systems or applications provided that any Unicode font is installed on that system.

If you use any Non-Unicode font to write your text and that particular font is not installed on another user’s machine, then you have to provide that font with your document or need to give facility to download that font.

7. Why I can’t see Gujarati Characters in Gujaratilexicon dictionary, spellchecker or Website?

There can be various reasons for it:

a. Unicode font is not installed on your machine: You need to download and install any Gujarati Unicode font from our Download Section to your computer.

b. You have old Operating System: You need to use at least Windows 2000/XP/Vista or later or Linux or Mac OS X 10.4.x or later Operating Systems.

c. Browser’s character encoding not set to Unicode: You need to set browsers characters encoding to Unicode (UTF-8).

For Firefox:
View-> Character Encoding -> Unicode (UTF-8)

For Internet Explorer:
View-> Encoding -> Unicode (UTF-8)

For Safari:
View-> Text Encoding -> Unicode (UTF-8)

For Opera:
View-> Encoding -> Unicode -> UTF-8

Please refer to our Help Section for more details.

8. What is IME?

IME = Input Method Editor

An IME is required to type Gujarati language into Computer. In Technical term, An IME may be as simple as a localized keyboard, which emits the appropriate character codes for the local language when the keys are struck. It may be a software program that works with a standard keyboard and mouse to select character codes from an on screen display. It may generate a character code only after a sequence of keys has been struck.

Please refer to Help Section for more details.

9. What is Java Runtime Environment or JRE?

The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) provides environment to run Java application.

GujaratiLexicon Dictionary application requires JRE to run effectively, but we have already bundled JRE with our applications, so you don’t need to worry about it!

10. How can I contact GujaratiLexicon Team?

Please go through Contact Us page of site. You can directly give your valuable suggestions/ideas/thoughts using Feedback form too.

It is also very easy to talk to us on phone and if you want more information regarding project via email, just drop an email to: [email protected]

We will answer your query in 24 hours!